Running to Protect your Knees

When it comes to exercising, I’ll be honest, running is not my favorite thing. While a lot of people share that sentiment, it seems running is consistently becoming a more popular way to get into shape. It is probably one of the more lower-maintenance methods of cardio, considering that no equipment is needed and you can define your own limits in terms of distance, speed and duration of the workout, while that same level of control doesn’t exist in a group class.

However, running and jogging are actually surprisingly rough on your joints. This is especially the case with your knees and this kind of strain is a common source of injury amongst runners. While there are definitely alternatives that are easier on the knees, such as swimming, they aren’t always realistic alternatives for everyone. If you don’t have access to an indoor pool as easily as an indoor treadmill, swimming might not always be possible when you want to exercise if weather is a factor. Not to mention that some people just love to run and/or jog.

If you are one of those people and have been trying to figure out a way you could have it both ways, it’s your lucky day. While nothing is guaranteed, nor does the same solution always yield the same results for different people, there are still ways to decrease impact to your knees/joints when running.

Check out this article from Bustle about seven ways to make running easier on your knees, and hit the track!