National Healthcare Decisions Day

Perhaps not as traditional or well-known of a national awareness day as some others, April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day.

This is one of those topics that isn’t always the most fun or exciting to sit down and discuss with your loved ones, however, it is arguably the most imperative. Almost anyone who has had, really, any experience with healthcare providers are aware that there is a sense of responsibility that you must bring to the table as a patient. You need me to able to speak up for yourself and ensure that the care you are receiving reflects respect for decisions you have made.

This day is not only about that, but about considering who might do that in your stead if ever you aren’t able to speak for yourself and explain your wishes to your healthcare provider. It’s about making clear what your needs and expectations are and indicating who will ensure they are carried out.

Catholic Health Services makes it a priority to provide patients and their caregivers and loved ones with resources that help them plan for their futures, particularly when it comes to healthcare-related decisions. Check out this opinion editorial piece from the Stamford Advocate to learn more about what you can do to plan for making the best possible decisions: