Making Hydration a Habit This Summer

If you’ve been outside recently, you know that the sun is feeling stronger than ever and with it comes excessive heat and humidity. Everyone knows hydration is important, but never is it more important than when we are dealing with these harsh temperatures and spending more time than usual outdoors in direct sunlight for hours on end.

While you may be well versed in the importance of drinking water, it is also a habit you should work to instill in your families. This is especially important if you are sending your kids to camp or if they are spending time outdoors during the day without you. In all likelihood, they will have to hold themselves accountable for drinking enough water throughout the day because a few camp counselors responsible for a whole group may not notice if your child hasn’t been refilling their water bottle.

With that in mind, some ways to remind yourself and your families to stay hydrated are

  • Make sure everyone has their own water bottle. It’s even better if it has measurements etched in the side so everyone can stay conscious of how much they are drinking. It’s easy to carry around and refill, and having it on you sometimes serves as its own reminder because it’s so convenient to take a sip when you need it.
  • Get an app. Nearly everyone is attached to their phones these days, and even I’ll admit I usually check my notifications more frequently than I grab for a glass of water. So it’s no surprise that there are apps designed to remind you when you’re due to gulp down another glass and they range from basic in nature to fun little games that are more engaging.
  • Keep healthy snacks around that have higher water contents. Some examples are cucumbers and watermelon. Even ice pops can do the trick, here. They’re delicious and refreshing for the summer, but they also have a ton of water in them, which can help with hydration.
  • Always serve a glass of water before and during meals/snacks. This reinforces the reminder to be drinking water throughout the day and eventually meal times will be synonymous with time to drink some water.

Trying out these options are a surefire way to keep the sun from getting your family down, so make hydration a priority and enjoy your summer!