Kicking Off Every Healthy Kid Week 2015

Next week is the start of Every Healthy Kid Week 2015, which is an awesome way to raise awareness about health and wellness for children everywhere, especially in schools. A shining example a school that takes the health and wellness of its students into account is our very own Centro Mater Childcare Center.

One of the most important developmental building blocks for children is proper nutrition and a balanced diet. Not only does this set the tone for each day by providing your child with the energy and nutrients to learn and play, but it also sets up habits for the future. At some schools, you’ll find vending machines full of sodas and snacks with little to no nutritional value that are high in fats. At Centro Mater, providing healthy nutritional options is a guiding principle.

Additionally, while students have healthy options to choose from at school, this is not always the case when they go home for dinner or when they’re home on the weekends or during school holidays. Whether it’s because of a lack of knowledge about nutrition or financial situations, not every family has access to foods that are high in nutritional value and this problem ultimately is passed on to the children.

This is why Centro Mater focuses on educating parents in multiple aspects of their child’s wellness, including nutrition. With that said, this next week is about making sure that every child has access to these kinds of resources, including parents or guardians who are informed about how to be one of those resources. There will be events taking place across the country to celebrate Every Healthy Kid Week and even if they aren’t something you can physically attend, there are a lot of other ways to engage with the campaign.

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