Inspiration for a Healthy & Crafty St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is finally here, and everyone is ready for all green, all day. Personally, one of my favorite memories is one of my friends in elementary school having a birthday that fell on St. Patrick’s Day. One year, her mom brought green bagels with green cream cheese in to our class to put a different twist on her birthday celebration than the usual birthday cupcakes.

We all want to be fun, trendy and creative. But, some of us aren’t trying to load up on bread, nor sugary foods. This is actually an amazing opportunity to encourage your family to not only eat healthier, but also to step away from their phones/Netflix/video games and engage in more constructive activities for a bit.

Your kids will be so excited about the color green, which is your chance to capitalize on their willingness to try foods simply because they fit with the holiday spirit. Prime examples include these green veggie arrangements from Martha Stewart (because only she can make it look this good):

In terms of getting the kids off of their phones and the couch, check out this video with some awesome traditional Irish craft ideas to try at home with your families:

Make a day out of it and enjoy a healthy and creative St. Patrick’s Day!