Hurricane Season with Everyone in Mind

Hurricane season began on June 1, and while we can never be quite sure what kind of season we will have, the consensus seems to be that it could be more active than the last few years.

Often we are so busy living our lives and taking care of immediate needs that we forget to expect the unexpected and plan accordingly. With this in mind, preparation for hurricane season is crucial – especially when it comes to caring for someone in your household that has specific health needs.

A few things to stock up on or make sure you consider ahead of a storm, outside of the typical drinking water and gasoline for the car, include:

  • Ensure or other nutritional supplements/drinks – Pedialyte is another good example for replenishing electrolytes
  • Refills of any prescriptions
  • Nonperishable food items that meet dietary restrictions (for example, if someone has Celiac Disease and needs food that is not contaminated with gluten)
  • Extra batteries (make sure you purchase the kinds that are compatible with any medical devices you have, many take larger batteries than A or AA)
  • Full oxygen tanks, if needed
  • Document protection for legal docs or medical histories, in addition to birth certificates, social security cards, etc.

Sooner than later, sit down with your families and put together a plan, figure out what your core needs are and head out to the store!