Getting back-to-school ready

With back-to-school season just around the corner, it’s time to shop for new clothes, supplies and yes – groceries for school lunches.

With this being such a hectic (and expensive) time, it is always tempting to go for convenience since realistically, it’s hard to find time to make lunches and prepare raw or basic ingredients. However, grabbing those ingredients instead of the Lunchables or the Uncrustables could really make the difference in the kind of day your child has.

Without the right balance of nutrients, their energy levels could come crashing down in the middle of the day, making it a challenge to engage in the classroom. And unfortunately, some of those pre-packaged lunches are high in sugar and fat when they should be providing fuel for the kids eating them.

Some kids, and I was one of them (sorry Mom!) are pretty picky, and aren’t likely to be too keen about a change-up in their lunch menu. So with that in mind, get yourself and your kids ready to take on the upcoming school year and take a look at this article from Huffington Post about how to pack healthy lunches your kids will actually want to eat.