Enjoying an Active Lifestyle in the Summer

Whether it’s because cold fronts aren’t your thing, or because you finally have a break from getting your kids ready for school and get to send them to camp instead, we all have our reasons for anticipating summertime.

Some people look at the gorgeous weather as the perfect opportunity to spend time outside, especially for exercising outside. But if you’re from Florida, you know that enjoyment can be somewhat short-lived as soon as the humidity kicks in and the sun is on full blast.  Having spent a couple of weeks abroad, I’ve become rather outdoorsy, myself, but am quickly realizing that Florida’s summer climate is not always ideal for the hiking I enjoyed while I was away.

With that said, here are a few ways you can enjoy your active lifestyle without letting extreme heat get you down.  And don’t worry, I’m trying these along with you all (I’m new to it and if I can do it, I promise you can, too!) and will update as I discover some more fun ideas.

  • Push your morning run or jog up a few hours so that you’re running either before/as the sun is coming up or just make sure the sun isn’t at full strength yet. The evening is also a great time to run and maybe you could even bring your dog or another running buddy with you.
  • Sunrise (or sunset) yoga. You get all the benefits of a yoga session while getting to enjoy the beautiful outdoors without the unbearable heat. Yoga is also a great way to start or end your day, bringing everything full circle and helping you unwind and take time for yourself.
  • Perhaps the favorite summer pastime, swimming is also probably one of the best workouts you can get. It exercises your arms, legs and core, while keeping you cool as you enjoy the outdoors. Just remember, sunscreen is a must, these UV rays are no joke!
  • You can still enjoy the scenery from indoors. If you go to the gym and relish in the air conditioning, just grab a machine close to the window and you can get all the gain with a lot less pain.
  • Have an outdoor sport you usually play during the summer months? Does it have an indoor counterpart? Think tennis and racquetball. On the days when it’s dangerously hot outside, try the indoor substitute so that you can keep doing what you love but without putting yourself at risk.

With any of these ideas, just make sure you’re staying hydrated (more so than usual with this heat), and wearing sunblock or protective clothing, even a hat works wonders for keeping you cool. Also, no one knows better than a Floridian the kind of rain we deal with in the summer months, so if you choose to go for a run or do outdoor exercise after an afternoon thunderstorm, be extra careful not to slip.

More to come throughout the summer, but if you have any ideas of your own that have worked for you, feel free to share them with us on our Facebook page!