Earth Day: Taking Health to Environmentally Conscious Heights

Today is Earth Day and right about now, you are probably wondering how I could possibly find a tie-in to connect this to something health care-related.

The fact of the matter is, a lot of the things we do day in and day out, are pretty harmful for our environment and we often take it for granted when we choose to go for a run inside on the treadmill even when we are having beautiful weather, ideal for running where we can appreciate the great outdoors.

With that in mind, there are a few changes we can make that are not only good for our health, but also good for the environment and making these little adjustments would be an awesome way to appreciate our planet on Earth Day.

Looking to eat more fruits and vegetables and also pick up a neat hobby along the way? Plant yourself a garden, even if it’s a small one. You can plant something healthy you can eventually eat and not only will you know exactly where it came from before you put it into your body, but you’ll feel that much more accomplished that you grew it yourself.

You can walk, run or ride a bike instead of driving somewhere nearby. This cuts down on your carbon footprint, but also gives you the opportunity to get some good cardio exercise and a few extra steps in throughout the day. Not to mention, this is a great time to enjoy the sights you might have overlooked such as that gorgeous sunset you’re usually too busy to gaze at or  the lake you always pass on the way to get your morning coffee.

When you’re out getting your groceries for the week, bring a reusable tote or even ask for paper bags. That way, you aren’t throwing away a fist full of plastic bags once you unload everything into the pantry/fridge.

Finally, staying hydrated is a must – but are a million water bottles truly essential? Do yourself, and the world, a favor and invest in a nice, durable water bottle or tumbler that you can refill throughout the day instead of tossing out dozens of plastic bottles a week. It will also save you some money in the long run.

So get out there and enjoy the world today, but remember you can also take care of yourself at the same time!