CHS IT is Joining the Social Media Craze

CHS is joining the world of Social Media.  Our IT Department has decided that using twitter to communicate to everyone is a good idea.  It helps you to reach anyone that is interested in what you have to say without actually sending the information to each person.

In the past when you wanted to send information to someone you had to know their name and their address.  With an email you need their email address.  If it’s text you need their phone number.  With twitter you can just post information and everyone that goes to can just search your name and find out what you have to say.

In a company when you want to post important information others might be interested in, such as:

  • A new help desk number
  • The name of a department that can help you
  • Letting users know that something is unavailable
  • Letting users know when something will become available

You can just post a tweet and anyone that goes to and looks up your name, i.e. CHSIT will be able to see this information.

Please be our guest and go to, enter CHSIT in the search box and see what we have posted.  Please be sure and let me know what you think.  Your opinion is very important to us. earth maps .