Catholic Health Services Operation Fresh Start for Vets

Catholic Health Services Operation Fresh Start for Vets

November is Veterans Month.  Catholic Health Services will be supporting Mission United along with NewsRadio610, by organizing a donation drive of household necessities for homeless veterans and their families transitioning into a home.  The collection of household items will start today Tuesday, November 1st until Wednesday, November 16th.  Please drop off any of the listed items below to your HR office or Administrative office.

CHS will also assist by putting these donated items into bags which then Mission United hands out to the vets as they move into their new home.  If you are interested in volunteering, please see your supervisor/administrator to sign up!


Some of the items needed for their welcome kit include:

Dishes                                     Bath Soap                               Personal Hygiene Items:

Pots and pans                          Bed Sheets                                          Deodorant

Silverware                               Towels & Cloths                                 Lotion

Cleaning brushes                     Pillows /Cases                                     Shampoo

Laundry Soap                         Blankets                                              Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

Dish Soap                                Toilet Paper                             Emergency Assistance Gift Cards

Sponges                                   Paper Towels                                      Publix/Target


Thank you for your continued support  ….  let’s make a veteran’s house – feel like home.