Building Effective Relationships With Our Customers

Building Effective Relationships with our customers

I remember almost seven years ago, I walked into St. John’s nursing center lobby, and the first person I met was the receptionist. She greeted me with a big hello and the most beautiful smile. She was so friendly and attentive. She was so warm to me.  The greeting I was given made a lasting impression on me. She made me feel so welcome!

That day was the beginning of my career with Catholic Health Services. My name is Katherine Ziadie and I am the Director of Physician Relations for Catholic Health Services. I have been in the health care field for 15 years, and seven of those years with Catholic Health Services. My first couple years I worked with St. Anthony’s, St. John’s, St. Catherine’s, Villa Maria, St. Anne’s, and Catholic Home Health as a community liaison evaluating patients and Marketing the continuum of care.  Then, I was promoted to Catholic Health Services where my focus was physician sales and supporting the community liaisons in their role.

In the healthcare field, we as professionals are always building relationships on a daily basis. The key to a successful relationship is building and maintaining positive ones. Keep things simple and follow these guidelines:

KNOW your customers as individuals, not as customers. Take an active interest in knowing who they are as people.

IDENTIFY what each customer is good at, what he/she is fascinated by, and what he/she values. By doing this, will allow you to understand them better.

RELATE the ideas and strengths and uniqueness of each customer. Find out what your customers goals are, and relate your service to those goals.

ASSIST your customers growth as individuals and as professionals. When you know how to help your customer get to where they want to be, you are more than a marketer, you are a valuable member of their team.

A professional strives for a win-win situation-the end result is better because you both gain. THE KEY INGREDIENT IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND THE CUSTOMER.

Remember, to be successful, we must treat everyone like a customer!!