Beyond the Mission Statement

To many people a good way to understand what a company is all about is by reading its Mission Statement.  Many organizations focus their Mission Statements on their products, services and on how they can make your life easier.

But is that really enough? Does the Mission Statement give you an understanding of what a company is really all about and what they stand for? Not really! It merely touches upon the services or products they provide.

Beyond the Mission Statement, some companies also provide what is called a “Values Statement.”  This statement is probably more important for a consumer to read and understand then the Mission Statement.  The Value Statement will really help you get to know what a company is all about because its primary focus is on telling you what they value most.

I’ve always been in the habit of reading companies’ Mission and Values Statements because I feel that it gives me a deeper insight into the company.  I’ve read Mission and Values Statement from companies like Lockheed Martin’s, Apple and Google, to mention a few.  One thing all of these companies have in common is their focus on customers and on their products and services.  Some of their statements even briefly mention their employees, thus giving you a deeper look into the company itself.

When I first came through the doors of CHS for my employment interview, I was asked to wait while they contacted the person that I was scheduled to meet with.  While waiting, I noticed the company’s Mission Statement posted on the wall in the hallway and as I expected, it focused mainly on their customers and the services they provide.  I also noticed their Values Statement, and before reading it, I was almost certain that it would be just like Value Statements I’ve read for other companies before.   This could not have been any further from the truth.  CHS’ Values Statement was precise, direct, and their first priority was to their patients with their second being to their employees and thirdly to their community.

To me it said more than that.  Their Values Statement dedicated an entire paragraph to their employees and it acknowledged that their responsibilities were not only with their patients, or with their employees, but also with their community.  This is the type of Value Statement that tells you what a company stands for and it is a Statement that motivates you and creates a sense of pride for being a part of it.  After that, I was completely sure that CHS would be a great place to work because I knew that they were unlike any other corporate culture in another company, but rather one that values and cares for their patients, employees and the community alike.

See link for CHS Mission and Values Statements: