A Stroke Is No Joke

A stroke is no joke. Depending on the severity of a stroke, and/or which hemisphere of the brain the stroke occurs, things such as a person’s perception of size, distance, speed, or overall control of one side of their body could be jeopardized. These aspects of a person’s life are very serious, and all contribute to their “humanity.”

According to the National Stroke Association, “The ability to define the world and our place in it distinguishes our humanity.” The stroke patient’s world, once graspable and controllable, is suddenly changed into a confusing, frightening and intimidating environment. When a person has a stroke, their ability to define the world is forever altered.  The characteristics that make a person who they are, such as intellect, perception and movement, are exactly the things that are altered by a stroke.  In essence a stroke can rob a person of their most basic humanity.  Because a person’s family would usually be the closest group of people that would understand a stroke victim’s humanity, their support is vital in the recovery process.

It is possible that a stroke can happen to anyone. However, it is still smart that the necessary precautions be taken if it means any possibility of the chances of it occurring lessening. The proper precautions to prevent your risk of having a stroke are actually precautions that will benefit your health in many other ways. You should visit your doctor for regular checkups, and live a healthy lifestyle.

National Stroke Association’s Stroke Prevention Advisory Board suggests the following:

  • be aware of your blood pressure
  • pay attention to any abnormalities in the rhythm of your heartbeat
  • watch for any circulation problems you might have
  • control your alcohol intake
  • do not smoke
  • manage your diet and exercise routine

These are all very helpful tools in stroke prevention and they will also keep you healthy.

Look up the signs and symptoms of stroke and be sure to get help quickly if you find yourself with any of the symptoms. The quicker you get help the more likely you are to survive it with the least amount of damage.

If you have had a stroke, rehabilitation is sometimes necessary. The rehabilitation that a patient receives will depend on their medical and nursing needs and their ability to participate in the therapy.  These options are:

  •  Hospital programs
  • Nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities
  • Outpatient programs
  • Home Health

At Catholic Health Services we have three hospitals, four skilled nursing facilities, home health in Miami Dade and Broward counties, and we have outpatient services.  Please visit us at catholichealthservice.org for more information.