Today is National Doctors’ Day!!!

Happy National Doctors’ Day to all of our physicians! This week we’ve been honoring our physicians for all they do for the communities they serve. 

We’d like you to meet Dr. Mark Reiner, our Chief Medical Officer here at Catholic Health Services. With over 40 years of experience as a medical practitioner, Dr. Reiner has dedicated his career to caring for those in need and making a difference in both his field and community at-large.

Meet Dr. Mark Reiner, MD!

Who inspired your career in medicine? Facetiously I would say Marcus Welby, but there is no one person.

Why did you choose the medical profession?
I have always been a good student with skills in the scientific and math fields.  I also enjoy talking with people and trying to solve problems.  What better way to do this than medicine?

What do you like most about your job?   The ability to affect, and hopefully improve, the lives of so many individuals who have entrusted us to care for themselves and their loved ones.    

Describe your role as Chief Medical Officer at CHS. My role is to support all members of the team in fulfilling their job responsibilities.  If they succeed, then I have succeeded.   

What is your favorite part of being a member of the Catholic Health Services team? I genuinely believe in the mission and vision of the organization.  We have a responsibility to our fellow man, especially those who are sick and in need of care.

What message would you like to give to medical students or those just starting their professional careers? When I was in medical school, the preceptor of my Internal Medicine rotation said that anyone could be a doctor, but that it was just as important, if not more so, to be a mensch (a person of integrity and honor).

What are the key challenges faced by the field of medicine? As with everyone else, medicine is challenged to do more in less time.  It is important to have technical skills, but you must also have compassion and empathy too.

What is your favorite quote?  “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am for myself only, what am I? And if not now, when?” – Hillel

Name one thing on your bucket list. Taking a raft trip through the Grand Canyon 

Dr. Reiner is married with two children and has an amazing 18-month-old grandson named Asher!