Janet Saunders rehabilitation testimonialJanet Saunders has been having difficulty with her knees for many years.  After much consideration, Janet was told that she needed to have bilateral knee replacement surgery, which is when both knees are replaced at the same time. 


Trying to “save her knees” before surgery, Janet used to go to St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Hospital for physical therapy.  Unfortunately, her knees were too far gone and the surgery was needed.  Janet became an in-patient at St. Anthony’s and after only 2 ½ weeks she was able to walk by herself with a walker.  “After therapy, I lost a lot of weight and have become more confident.  Now that I can walk without pain, it has also led me to an independent way of living.”  It has been 2 months since Janet has had both of her knees replaced and she is living an active lifestyle. 

Janet wanted to have her rehabilitation at St. Anthony’s because she felt the therapists where encouraging and “pushed her to her capacity”.  Janet enjoyed the individual attention she received as well as the smiles upon their faces as she was greeted by each of St. Anthony’s staff members.  “Even the dining room was so lovely; I didn’t feel like I was in a hospital type setting.”

Once released from St. Anthony’s, it was time for Janet to go back to her everyday routine.  Catholic Health Services and St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Hospital arranged for Catholic Home Health to arrive a few days a week to Janet’s residence to continue her therapy.  “St. Anthony’s Rehabilitation Hospital therapists taught me how to handle everyday challenges with my new knees, even how to get in and out of a car.  If it wasn’t for this therapy, I don’t know how I would function today.”