Deacon Fernando Bestard

Deacon Fernando Bestard Our Lady of Mercy CemeteryDeacon Fernando Bestard was born in Cuba and came to the USA in 1961 when he was 13 years old. Here he was raised by family members until his parents arrived in 1966. Deacon Bestard was inspired to serve the Church by his parents who were very active Catholics in Cuba. “I have a picture of my parents from the 1930s with their Catholic Action Group”, Deacon remembers. “In that picture I also recognize couples who were part of prayer and service groups in the Church as I grew up”.

In Miami, deacon taught CCD in Spanish to children in Corpus Christi and St. Michael parishes during his high school years. Upon graduation, Deacon Bestard attended college at Miami Dade and the University of Miami graduating with a degree in chemistry in 1970. Deacon Bestard joined Catholic Cemeteries in 2008 after retiring from Miami Dade County with 36 years of service for the EPA and the State of Florida.  

Deacon Bestard was ordained a deacon in 1998 on the recommendation of his pastor. He has served in St. Timothy Parish in West Dade since his ordination and prior to that served in the Parish’s Outreach Ministry, Camino del Matrimonio, and Spanish Cursillo.

Deacon Bestard is the current president of the National Association of Hispanic Deacons and chairs the Bereavement Ministry for the Archdiocese of Miami.          

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